Outreach Activities & Special Collections Programs

Outreach Activities and Programs: At all three institutions, I actively promoted library resources and services to students and faculty.

Emory Libraries: At Emory Libraries, I worked with Erica Bruchko (US History and African American Librarian) to develop and co-teach course-integrated Historical Research Design Sessions for the History Honors Seminar. We both created a research guide and developed in-class activities that are available at http://guides.main.library.emory.edu/histhonors. We designed a Research Plan Workbook available at https://guides.libraries.emory.edu/c.php?g=50237&p=5131490. I also taught individual course-integrated sessions for students and offered library tours for prospective graduate students in both the History and Philosophy Departments.

Johns Hopkins University: At JHU, I taught several sessions, most of which were classes, and a few included orientations, workshops, and outreach events. As a curator and subject librarian, I helped students learn effective research skills. I established a fruitful collaboration with history faculty teaching HIS 193: The Undergraduate Seminar in History, which was a two-semester sequence required for history majors that introduced students to the theory and practice of history. As a result of my partnership with faculty, both the library database and rare books sessions were integrated as required parts of the research training provided for the students. They also scheduled follow-up appointments with me for in-depth research consultations on their research topics.

University of Miami: At the University of Miami, I successfully planned and designed a government documents instruction program to meet the research needs of students and faculty in my role as the Coordinator of the University of Miami Libraries’ Federal Depository Library Program and the State of Florida and International Documents collections. Given the interdisciplinary nature of government information, my publicity efforts via e-mail and personal meetings with faculty met with resounding success. In my capacity as the Subject Librarian for History, Political Science, and Government Documents, I taught more than 155 course-specific instruction sessions. I provided nearly 410 research consultations for the faculty and students in my subject areas.