Baltimore Book Festival (2010-2013)

As a team member of the Department of Special Collections and Archives at the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University, I actively planned and participated in these Outreach Programs with my colleagues, Heidi Herr and Paul Espinosa.

Baltimore Book Festival: The Baltimore Book Festival is an annual event held in September. Since 2010, in partnership with the Johns Hopkins University Press, we jointly hosted events for the Book Festival at the George Peabody Library aimed at both the general public and the JHU audience. The events hosted include author talks, the JHU Press book sale, JHU Special Collections spotlight talks, display of materials from the JHU Special Collections, children’s activities, live music, etc. The following are brief synopses of my spotlight talks for the past four Book Festivals.

Baltimore Book Festival, September 27-29, 2013: More than 3400 people visited the George Peabody Library to participate in the fun events.

  • The History of Postcards – In the 1900s, postcards were popular. People used them to send quick notes to family members and friends. Particularly, picture postcards depicted a variety of subjects, such as scenic landscapes, architectural buildings, exotic cultures, fashion, and important social/cultural/political themes. They served as souvenirs, and postcard collectors highly coveted them for their personal albums.

Baltimore Book Festival, September 28-30, 2012: More than 3500 people visited the George Peabody Library to participate in the fun events.

  • The Middle Eastern Harem in the Western Imagination – The Western imagination has always been fascinated by the Middle Eastern harem or the women’s quarters. Notably male travelers portrayed the harems as places where groups of beautiful women reclined on couches near the baths, often waited on by their attendants. How were the real harems? Did women travelers view them in the same way as men?

Baltimore Book Festival, September 23-25, 2011: More than 2500 people visited the George Peabody Library to participate in the fun events.

  • The Great Exhibition of 1851 – Attended by more than six million people, the Great Exhibition was England’s social event of 1851 and featured a marvelous structure called the Crystal Palace!

Baltimore Book Festival, September 24-25, 2010

  • Western Women Travelers in the Middle East (1800-1930) Take a step back into history and enjoy your armchair travel to the Middle East with Western women travelers and learn what they thought about the Middle Eastern society and culture!