“Do I dare disturb the universe?” The Environment and The Humanities Exhibit, Emory Libraries, Spring – Summer 2019.

Along with other humanities subject librarians and graduate students, I worked on putting together the exhibit. “Do I dare disturb the universe? The Environment and the Humanities.” For this exhibit, I searched our libraries’ holdings and curated a list of materials relevant to European/Global Environmental history and oversaw a graduate student’s work who created a bibliography for Environmental Philosophy. I also worked with two Woodruff Fellows to identify resources and images relevant to the Digital Environmental Humanities panel. Additionally, to preserve this exhibit’s resources for future use, I provided training to another Woodruff Fellow to set up a WordPress site. He created a digital supplement of the exhibit.

  • This exhibit highlighted our libraries’ print and digital resources available for faculty and students in the field of Environmental Humanities.
  • My work with the Woodruff Fellows helped them acquire new skills relevant to curating digital content curation and creating a digital exhibit.
  • These curated lists would support future course offerings in European/Global Environmental History, Environmental Philosophy, and Digital Environmental Humanities.