Areas of Subject Expertise

Academic Background:

I have a strong academic background in Modern European History and Modern South Asian History. I also selectively took courses in American History and East & Southeast Asian History.

Experience as a Subject Liaison Librarian:

Currently, I am the Subject Librarian for European/World History and Philosophy at Emory University.

At Johns Hopkins University, I worked as the Curator of 19th-21st Century Rare Books and Manuscripts and as the Liaison Librarian for the Departments of History and Anthropology, Center for Africana Studies, the Program in Latin American Studies, and the Program in Islamic Studies.

At the University of Miami, I was the Subject Liaison Librarian for History, Political Science, and Government/ International Documents. I also provided one-on-one research consultations to users in Area Studies. Therefore, I am well-acquainted with the information/research resources used in these fields: a) History, b) Political Science, c) South Asian and East/ Southeast Asian Studies, and d) U.S. Government & International Documents. I also taught library research skills to upper-level undergraduate and graduate classes in the Department of English.

Graduate-Level History Coursework Completed at Northern Arizona University

20th Century Germany

Challenges to Liberalism in Europe

European History (19th and 20th Centuries)

Healthcare in France and the US

The US Cultural History (19th Century)

Readings on Race and Ethnicity in the US

Approaches to World History

Historiography and Methodologies

Gender and Nationalisms in South Asia and the World

Readings on Colonialism and Nationalism – South Asia

Readings on the US-Mexican Borderlands

Graduate-Level History Coursework Completed at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

World War I and Its Aftermath: 1914-1921 (Focus on European History)

Topics in European Medieval Society and Religion

European Social, Cultural, and Intellectual History (Renaissance France)

World War II (Focus on European History)

Seminar: European History

European History and Holocaust

Readings on French History and German History (20th Century)

Readings on Japanese History (20th Century)

Modern German History

Seminar on Nazi Germany

Late Modern Europe: Europe Since World War II

Language Coursework

Elementary French (FR 101)

Elementary French (FR 102)

Intermediate French (FR 201)

Intermediate French (FR 202)

Elementary German (GER 101)

Elementary German (GER 102)

History Coursework Completed at Meenakshi College for Women (Affiliated with the University of Madras), Chennai, India

Graduate-Level Coursework

Historiography and Historical Methods

History of the Freedom Movement in India/ South Asia 1884-1947

Social and Cultural History of Tamil Nadu (South India)

Social and Cultural History of India/South Asia until 1556

Social and Cultural History of India/South Asia since 1556

Studies in Human Rights

History of Europe from 1789 to 1990

History of the US from 1865-1992

History of East Asia from 1800 to 1990

Undergraduate Coursework

Main Currents in Indian/South Asian History from Early Times to 1761

Main Currents in Indian/South Asian History from 1761 to 1984

Indian/South Asian Social Institutions

An Outline History of Tamil Nadu (South India) until 1987

History of Modern Asia Since 1900 (Focus on East & Southeast Asia excluding India)

Outlines of Comparative Governments

History of Europe from 1789 to 1990

History of the US from 1900 to 1989

Women’s Studies

History of China from 1800 to 1990