Archiving Student Life (A Digital Humanities Project)

This academic year, I managed and supervised the first part of the Archiving Student Life project which is a one-year pilot project undertaken by the Office of the President and the Department of Scholarly Resources and Special Collections, Johns Hopkins University to increase documentation of the JHU student experience in the archives’ holdings as part of the Hopkins History Initiative (Hopkins Retrospective), a multi-year project to bring together the many stories of the University from its founding to the present. I managed and guided a graduate student coordinator and a team of five undergraduate students to identify five aspects of the history of undergraduate student life whose study can be supported by current archival holdings. The goal was to build an online exhibit using WordPress featuring archival materials the students have selected and contextualized through research and writing. To showcase the students’ work, I worked with the students and created a website using WordPress and it can be accessed at The exhibit as unveiled on April 11, 2014 as part of the program for the 2014 Alumni Weekend Events.